Payment and details

Bank details

ИНН: 771518499899
Банк получателя: РФ АО "Россельхозбанк"
БИК: 049690719
Корреспондентский счет: 30101810600000000719
Расчетный счет: 40802810134100000683

Payment methods

  • Cash

    Payment for accommodation and services provided at the Hotel made upon arrival according to the price list of the Hotel in rubles and us Dollars or Euro at the Central Bank at the time of calculation
  • Credit Card

    Payment is accepted by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro
  • Bank transfeer (for Russian companies)

    When you make a booking on our website choose this payment method and we will contact You for the contract. Not later than 24 hours prior to arrival
  • Bank transfer for individuals (for Russian citizens)

    Not later than 24 hours before to arrival